Ecclesiophilia Revisited

As a logophile [“one who loves to discover new words that capsulize powerful thoughts” (Haykin, A New Dictionary of Theological Terms—!)], what a delight to find this one by a brother and friend, Tom Ascol: Ecclesiophilia. A recent blog from him sets this out as “unreconstructed” love of the church (see “Ecclesiophilia”, Founders Blog, entry for Tuesday, September 13, 2005). And he even defines himself as “an unreconstructed ecclesiophile.” What a great love to have and what a privilege to be given such a love! Read the whole blog. He ends it this way—and I say Amen!

“How can those who love Christ not love what He loves? And if we love the church, should we not long to see local congregations flourishing in biblical vitality? Shouldn’t we grieve when we see churches floundering and even denying the clear commandments of our Lord Jesus Christ (church discipline)? Should we not commit ourselves to pray and labor for the biblical re-formation of local churches across our land and other lands?”