Past & Present–Keeping a Proper Perspective

There is no doubt that we who are Christians are called to love the past as a place of revelation and wisdom. There is no better example of this than the fact that over the past few days we who have been called by God to love the Lord Jesus have been celebrating a glorious event: the Incarnation of that Lord, even the Lord of Glory. But this faithfulness to the past has another dimension—another horizon, as it were, namely, the present in which we demonstrate our faithfulness to that past. And as such, we must be very cognizant of the day in which live. Our call is not to antiquarianism—love of the past for the mere fact that it is past. That might be the mindset of the Old Order Mennonites or the Amish, but it is most certainly not our calling as faithful Christian disciples.

I do like what Kirk Wellum has recently blogged:  “By the gracious providence of God we live at a point in world history where we have the ability to speak to people as never before, in all sorts of different ways. This is one reason why some of us are blogging. We can speak to anyone who has access to a computer, no matter where they live in the world, and no matter where we are located, about the truth as it is found in Jesus. This is not a time to be lamenting that the past is past and the world as changed; it is a time to ask the Lord of the harvest to open our eyes and to sanctify our imaginations so that we might do what we can with the time we have.” [Bravo... Bravo!!!].