Birmingham Christian Union & Standing Fast for Christian Convictions

The Christian Union in Birmingham University, England, has been banned from meeting and its bank account frozen because it rightly refused to give way to the Birmingham University Guild of Students’ demand that the Union include politically correct statements about lesbians, gays, bisexuals and those who are transgendered in their constitution. The Union is appealing the ruling through proper legal channels. See the report in The Times. What is evident here is that Christians are increasingly having to adopt non-conformist positions in contemporary western culture. But this is nothing new. Was not the Ancient Church prior to Constantine glorious in its non-conformity? And were not our English-speaking Puritan forebears given power and unction when they went through similar trials? And did not the Spirit of glory (see 1 Peter 4:14) rest upon our Baptist forebears on both sides of the Atlantic because of their refusal to be “politically correct” in their day?

Christians, take heart from these heroes of the past and determine to be faithful, “come wind, come weather”!

Thanks to Crawford Gribben at his blog, irish-reformation, for this information: Opposition to Christian student group in Birmingham.