The Liberal Party’s Scare Tactics Evaluated

It does not bode well when a politician has to resort to scare tactics to get people to vote for him. I am referring to some literature that was placed in my mailbox this afternoon by those involved in seeking the re-election of Mr Russ Powers, the liberal candidate for my riding in Hamilton-Wentworth. I have purposely resisted blogging on this upcoming election, but I found this piece of literature so utterly typical of Liberal tactics just before Canadian voters go to the polls on Monday that I became convinced I had to say something.

In one of the four panels of the literature the NDP were slammed by saying that their popular support in one national poll stands at “17.65%” and that the reader of the literature ought to “Be smart Vote strategic.” Has our democratic privilege come down to this—that we vote the way everyone else does? Surely that is a travesty of democracy and an appeal to the herd mentality that has marked Canadian politics for much of the past forty years in which the Liberals have been in power! The NDP have certain convictions that I do not share, but if that is where people’s convictions lie, then to encourage such people to vote against those convictions in order to “be smart” is to encourage sheer hypocrisy!

Another entire panel of the pamphlet was devoted to slamming Stephen Harper, in which he was accused of, among other things:

  • Supporting “the privatization of our healthcare”
  • Wanting “to help Americans invade foreign countries”
  • Wanting “Canada to join the US missile defence and Star Wars program”
  • Wanting “to reverse minority guarantees in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms”

At the end of this list of accusations was the “bear-baiting” question: “Do you really want Stephen Harper to be your Prime Minister?”

Well, I for one do want Stephen Harper to be my Prime Minister. Why? Well, we have had the Liberals in power for most of the past forty years and they have gutted our military and made it a laughing-stock in our own nation, opened the door to a floodgate of immorality, and have generally shown that they are not interested in the rights of all of the Canadian people.

In the accusations listed above, one wonders if the Liberal Party has any idea of the world in which we are now living. It is a world in which a group of Muslim terrorists, with strong popular support in certain countries, have vowed to bury the West under the rubble of our cities—witness not only the attacks on the World Trade Centre, but also the attacks in Bali on Australians, in Spain and the London underground. Does the Liberal party think that a triumph of these terrorists in this struggle would leave Canada unscathed? As the saying has it, they are whistling Dixie if they do. And if it came to violent attacks here in Canada, we would be all too eager to have American help. What hypocrisy then to refuse our neighbours to the south our aid in their time of crisis?

Then, it is unlikely that a Conservative government would enforce a “privatization of our healthcare.” The outcry would simply be too great and the popular backlash enormous and a Conservative government that sought to do so would be out in the very next election. No, this is simply scare tactics!

Finally, as for the “minority” freedoms threatened by a Conservative government, which ones are the Liberals talking about exactly? Time will tell if they are really serious about guaranteeing the rights of all Canadians. For example, will the Liberals go to bat for Christian pastors who may be accused in courts of law of hate-mongering when they preach on texts in the Bible that speak negatively about homosexual behaviour? Granted this has not happened yet, but it is not an impossible future scenario. For example, where was the Liberal party when Scott Brockie was find $5,000 for exercising his democratic privilege and refusing to print literature for homosexual activists and then has to pay a further $40,000 with regard to court costs? See Scott Brockie Loses Decision at Court of Appeals, On the Hook for $40 ...

No, I for one will not be fooled by such scare tactics and intend to vote Conservative on Monday, since I am convinced that Stephen Harper is a politician who takes seriously the democratic freedoms of all Canadians and that he and his party understand our global situation much better than their Liberal counterparts.