A Litany for the Aborted Innocents, on the Eve of an Election

One more reason to vote against keeping the Liberal party in power is that the power elite at the core of their party are people whose hands are soaked in innocent blood. Oh no, they are not liable to be prosecuted in a court of law, for the murders they have done have been judicially approved. I am talking about the slaughter of the innocents in arbortuaries across this land, fueled, funded and approved by Liberal politicians. Enough is enough—the slaughter must end. What hypocrites we Canadians are if we look overseas at the killing fields in Cambodia and Bosnia and Rwanda and the Sudan and speak of the inhumanity we see there, and we do not see the killing that is taking place within this land. Surely if those woe-sayers of old, the Old Testament prophets and even our Lord Jesus, were walking this earth today they would not keep silence. Woe to us, then, we who dare to call ourselves the people of God, if we keep silence and forget the slain, whose numbers mount every day.

God give your people, who call on your name, strength and wisdom to use all of the peaceful mechanisms of democracy to bring justice to bear on this matter and end the slaughter of the innocent.

Lord, on this day, when your name is worshipped and honoured by your people, please have mercy on us Canadian Christians for our wimpishness and silence.

Have mercy, O Lord, on those mothers who have consented to the slaying of the fruit of their wombs, and forgive their sins, for many know not what they do.

O God, have mercy on the so-called doctors who have killed our children in the name of freedom, fill them with horror at what they have done and give them true repentance.

Lord, you who are the God of William Wilberforce, raise up politicians whose spirit is akin to that of that man, and may they know no rest till the borders of our fair land be rid of this culture of death.