Christian Blogs: A Witness to Muslims

What an amazing witness our blogs can be! I have just noticed that my blog was recently visited by one entitled “Forever Islam” ( Visiting this Islamic site revealed a person who was a confirmed Muslim. My prayer is that his eyes might be opened—as with all of the elect among Muslim communities—and that he might see in Jesus not simply a prophet, but the radiant Lord of glory.

Lord, before this person’s life is o’er, open the eyes of their heart and give them a love for the Crucified Lord, the only way to God. May the hairs on the nape of their neck stand up as they fall before this Glorious King of Heaven—awed by the privilege of worshipping such a Saviour!

Do not think such cannot happen. All of the elect will be gathered in. Even from among Muslims. Praise our sovereign God with whom all things are possible!