Carl Trueman at Toronto Baptist Seminary

It was our delight as a seminary community at Toronto Baptist Seminary to have Dr. Carl Trueman of Westminster Theological Seminary as our guest speaker last night at the Principal’s Banquet in Toronto and then this morning for three lectures on Trinitarianism, creedal confessionalism and Reformed piety at the 3rd annual Jonathan Edwards Centre for Reformed Spirituality lectures. Carl Trueman’s talks this morning were really superb. They combined an historical depth with a passion for edifying the Church. They were a good balance of scholarship and piety. He pled for a greater Trinitarianism in all of our thinking and piety. One lecture I found particularly helpful as he showed how the covenant of peace arose from Calvinists thinking about how salvation was related to the Trinity in eternity past. But they were all very good stuff.

Here is a very brief report of yesterday evening’s talk by Kirk Wellum: Unashamed of the Gospel. And here, on Ian Clary’s blog, is a report of the lectures this morning: Spirituality Conference with Carl Trueman.