Pan-Reformed Unity in Canada

The Together for the Gospel conference, which I attended two weeks ago, has stirrred in me thoughts about the necessity of expressions of pan-Reformed unity. During the time of the Reformation, there was a deep sense among those whom God was using to recover biblical Christianity of a unity in Christ. Scholars today call this International Calvinism.

Again, during the period of awakening in the world of transatlantic Evangelicalism of the eighteenth-century there was also a sense of unity that transcended ecclesiatsical polity lines. Witness the interfacing of Moravian and Anglican, Presbyterian and Baptist.

We need such expressions today. The Together for the Gospel conference was one fabulous expression of this. We desperately need something like this in Canada, where those who are Reformed and who love the gospel of free grace have a place where they can encourage one another and be encouraged. A place where we can build lines of fellowship and communication. I have no interest in producing some sort of institutional merger. Rather, what we need is an expression of the organic union that already exists by virtue of our common faith and heritage from the Reformation.

May God give us vision and boldness in this day of harvest!