Remembering Francis Schaeffer

I was at a Central Baptist Seminary faculty retreat in the Muskokas in May of 1984—Dr George Bell had become the President of the school that year and one of my best friends, Mr. Keith Edwards, had come on board to help me as my assistant registrar (what a joy to be working with him again!)—when I heard news of the death of Dr. Francis Schaeffer (1912-1984). He died on May 15, 1984. Schaeffer, along with C.S. Lewis (1898-1963), were my two earliest Christian mentors as authors. Schaeffer helped me realize that honest questions deserved honest answers. He showed me that being an intellectual was a definite Christian calling and indirectly helped confirm my calling as an historian, though the latter took years to work out. And he gave me a distinct preference for presuppositional apologetics, the only reasonable approach to apologetics for a Calvinist. I still have great admiration for his work, though I recognize that some of his discussion of philosophers like Kant and Kierkegaard was not terribly deep.