Dark Age Ahead: Legalized Paedophilia & Bestiality?

How far can a nation turn away from the light that it has known is well illustrated by this recent news item from Reuters about the attempt to form a party in Holland that advocates a “cut in the legal age for sexual relations to 12 from 16 and the legalization of child pornography and sex with animals” (“Pedophiles to launch political party”). This is horrific and it has understandably caused outrage in Holland. But unless there is a transcendent ethic that enables one to critique such perverse thinking, it will eventually carry the day. And though many in our culture would be equally outraged, this may well be the future for our nation as well, unless God intervenes in revival. I am deeply saddened by this news item, since I have so many dear Dutch brethren in Christ. But the bell of death is tolling not simply for Holland, but also for Canada.

HT: Darrin Brooker: Sliding Down the Slippery Slope.