Andrew Fuller the Reader: A Conference at Southern

Andrew Fuller (1754-1815) is the most influential theological figure in 19th-century Baptist life and thought. C.H. Spurgeon once described him as “the greatest theologian” of his day. And Southern Baptist historian A.H. Newman was convinced that Fuller’s influence on American Baptist life was so large as to be almost “incalculable.” Despite this enormous significance, though, relatively little has been done recently to explore the nature and impact of his thought. In conjunction with the publication of the critical edition of Fuller’s works by Paternoster Press, this is the first of four conferences exploring Fuller’s world and his thought. In this conference, North American and British scholars explore the theological influences that went into shaping Fuller’s thinking. Papers will explore the way that colossi of Christian thought, men like John Owen and Jonathan Edwards, and other lesser-known figures played critical roles in shaping Fuller’s thought. This conference is a must for any Baptist keen to understand the roots of his or her heritage as well as for anyone interested in exploring the thought of a man who is, in his own way, a colossus in Church history.

The conference will take place August 27-28, 2007, at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. More details to follow.