Benjamin Beddome Blog

Wow! What a serendipity! I just found the blog entitled Benjamin Beddome, on one of my favourite Baptist forebears. Beddome (1717-1795) was in many ways a remarkable preacher and hymnwriter—one of the two most important Baptist hymnwriters of the “long” eighteenth century, the other being Anne Steele (1717-1778). The writer of the blog is Pastor Gray Brady—many thanks, dear brother for blogging on this forgotten Baptist hero.

By the way, there is a fascinating link between Beddome and Steele, since he once proposed marriage to her, and she refused him! There is a letter from Beddome in this regard in the Archives of the Angus Library, Regent’s Park College, the University of Oxford. An independent scholar, Mr. Stephen Pickles of Oxford, alerted me to this gem a few years ago.