Benjamin Keach & the Marrow of True Justification

Solid Ground Christian Books is preparing to reprint Benjamin Keach’s The Marrow of True Justification (1692), which has as its main subject justification by faith alone, that central doctrinal feature of the Reformation. Justification has proven to be a controversial issue down through the years. This is not surprising, since it undermines the perennial human desire to have human merit as the basis for salvation. But this doctrine is eminently biblical. Moreover, it glorifies God and puts human beings in their place in a God-centred universe. Controversy erupted over this doctrine towards the end of the Puritan era, and it has to be admitted that Richard Baxter (d.1691), such a good guide when it concerns Puritan casuistry and ethical issues, was behind the theological errors to which Benjamin Keach ably responds in this vital work.

But why reprint this work from a bygone day and old controversy? For the simple fact that theological error on this issue is not releagted to the past. As significant sectors of Evangelicalism career towards theological disaster in our day, this issue of how a person is made right with God has again become a matter of debate and acrimonious dispute. And here Keach can help us. So read this work! Defend with your last breath the biblical doctrine herein recommended! And glory in and glorify the God who justifies the wicked!