Christianity & Islam: Which Is the True Religion of Peace?

Which religion is truly a religion of peace: Christianity or Islam? Well, simply compare Islam's first three centuries with those of Christianity. In both cases these respective periods of time were foundational—canonical, one can say—to the two religions. Which one of the two made its way by peaceful propagation by men and women who had no power beyond that of their personal lives of holiness and their words? And which one of them made its way by bloody conquest and military might?

And today: which religion is seeking to expand its realm by violence and which one by word and godly life?

The answer to the first question is obvious to anyone who wishes to study the historical records. And the answer to the second—well simply read or listen to the latest news report. When was the last time you heard of Christians blowing themselves up in indiscriminate acts of killing and maiming innocent bystanders? There is something dreadfully wrong with a religion that tolerates the random violence we see and hear about regularly with regard to Islam. And I am not thinking about the fighting in Iraq.

Much of life is complex—but some things are simple. Simply simple! Surely the answer to the question “which religion, Christianity or Islam, is truly a religion of peace?” is one of the latter.