Episcopalian Priest: Both Christian & Muslim!

What a world we live in! It sometimes takes one's breath away in terms of its beauty and symmetry. At other times, the horror of sin and death leaves one stunned, speechless, and sorrowing!

And then there are those moments that also leave one stunned, but in this case it is because of the folly of humanity.

Dr. Mohler reports on the case of an Episcopalian priest by the name of Rev. Ann Holmes, who has recently claimed she is both a Christian and a Muslim. Dr. Mohler rightly points out the folly of such thought. You cannot be both! Unless, as he states, you redefine these terms. She does, and is really guilty of heresy—from both Christian and Muslim standpoints! What is equally foolish is her bishop who says that Rev. Holmes’ commitment to both Christianity and Islam is exciting in terms of inter-faith dialogue.

Read the account here by Dr Mohler: Clueless in Seattle -- Can You Be Both a Christian and a Muslim?