John Newton, a Letter to Samuel Pearce

This summer, DV, I hope to do some serious writing on one of my favourite Baptists, Samuel Pearce (1766-1799). It is long overdue. I had intended years ago to do a biography by 1999, the bicentennial of his death. Then it was to be 2000, the bicentennial of the appearance of the first biography of him by Andrew Fuller, his close friend. His is a great story and crosses the pathways of some of the great figures of that era. One of them is John Newton, the bicentennial of whose death is this year, 1807-2007. He wrote to Pearce on one occasion in 1797. The letter begins thus: "My dear sir, I stiled you...Reverend in my last [letter], and you stiled me Honoured--I like the epithet Dear better than either. Let us substitute it for the others if you please should we have correspondence in future." Typical Newton, ever the loving mentor.

Please pray for this. I know I have asked for prayer about this before. Please pray that all of the Pearce "stuff" that I need to write will get done!

Thank you.