A Caveat to My Appreciation for Dr. Packer

A few posts ago I posted an appreciation of Dr. Packer and the impact of his writing upon me. In light of some very helpful feedback about that post I need to make it clear that my deep and heartfelt appreciation of Dr. Packer does not entail endorsement of all that Dr. Packer has written. I suppose my appreciation is similar to when I cite Dr Packer’s writings in my own writings. I do not add a caveat that I disagree with his position vis-a-vis such things as ECT (Evangelicals and Catholics Together). Would my quoting, say something from his Knowing God, mean that I endorse everything that he has written? Of course not.

So it was with my appreciation. It was a genuine appreciation for the blessing that Dr. Packer’s writings have been to me and not an endorsement of all of his views.