So, What Are Blogs for ?

What are blogs for? A good question and one deserving of a thoughtful response, especially when the blogger is a professing Christian. Maybe a way at answering this question is by asking and answering the negative: what are blogs not for?

Well Christian blogs should not be for self-promotion. It is disturbing that far too many Christian blogs are shamelessly pushing self and not seeing the potential for kingdom expansion via the blogosphere. Everything from personal agendas to personal stuff is being pushed. But here, as everywhere else, we must shape our interaction in the public square by humility.

Nor are blogs a place for covertly forgetting the Christian duty to be gentle. Far too many blogs are rude and full of vitriol. And all in the name of boldness for Christ! God forbid that Christian blogs be like such. As Jonathan Edwards--no wimp!--once said, Christian piety is a sweet flame.

So what are blogs for? They should be places of winsome proclamation, explicitly and implicity, that Christ is Lord