New Year’s Resolution: This Year a Budding Historian!

I have entered a new phase of my life: full-time professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I am deeply humbled and in some ways terrified! But I see it also as an opportunity to be what God has called me to be: an historian. I wrestled with that calling long and hard. By that I do not mean that I ever fled from being an historian. In some ways it fits me as naturally as my skin! But for a long time, in a church culture that sees calling as primarily meaning becoming a missionary or pastor, I could not believe that this was my calling. I suppose it was not until I was fortyish that I began to accept it as my calling.

Since then I have been learning what it is that God has called me to do—and learning what he has not called me to do. The latter has been especially very difficult, since there is this underground rivulet (or is it a stream?) in my heart that keeps hankering to be more than an historian. But that is my calling—after Christian, husband, dad, and friend.

And then I look at what it means to be an historian—and that daunts me as well! Maybe tomorrow, or the day after, I will begin to be an historian, I think. But I am nowhere near where I should be—and I am in my early fifties!

A fitting new year’s resolution: this year a budding historian!