George Adam Smith: Generous Orthodoxy in the 19th Century!

I have long enjoyed reading the blog Free St. George's. Here is a recent post that is so illuminating about Sir George Adam Smith (1856-1942), whom I would call a liberal, but who regarded himself as an evangelical and who delighted in the ministry of D.L. Moody. How can such things be? Read Book Review: 'Fixing the Indemnity'and take note of these words in the review: "Today we see history repeating itself. We fear that evangelicals who read little, particularly in the realm of history, are ill-equipped to handle the present crisis. Now those who read this blog are not in that category, so we recommend they buy the book, read it, and tell their friends what it contains.”

This is not an idle warning. All around us we see signs of Evangelicalism collapsing--and yet we despair not, for we serve a Sovereign God who can make out of stones voices of praise. And we that happening too--in the most unlikely of places God is raising up living stones for his praise and glory.