Thesis Topics on “Long” 18th Century Baptists from England: A Dozen

What of some topics in 18th century Baptist life and thought then? Here are 12—I have another dozen at least!

  1. The piety of Anne Steele as reflected in her hymnody or that of Anne Dutton in her writings (many of the latter are now published)
  2. The life and ministry of Caleb Evans—vital figure but little done on him besides a great work by Roger Hayden that deals with him along with his father and Foskett of Bristol
  3. Daniel Turner as a theological author—nothing that I know of has been done on Turner
  4. The doctrine of baptism in 18th century Calvinistic Baptist circles
  5. John Foster: the ministry of his pen—a completely neglected figure
  6. John Foster’s Calvinism
  7. The Christology of Robert Hall, Jr.—a very important figure, transitional in some ways
  8. Joseph Kinghorn’s Christology—a neglected favourite of mine
  9. The exegesis of the gospels in 18th century Baptist authors
  10. Benjamin Beddome as a preacher—another of my favourites
  11. The life and ministry of Samuel Medley
  12. The Stennetts: biblical fidelity across five generations from Edward to Samuel’s children—a good place to do some social history