Call for papers

It might seem a tad early to be advertising this, but this post will serve as an initial call for papers to be presented in the parallel sessions of the 3rd annual Andrew Fuller Center conference to be held August 24-25, 2009, on the campus of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The theme for the conference is "Baptist Spirituality." Plenary sessions will be given by, among others: Drs. Robert Strivens of London Theological Seminary; Crawford Gribben of Trinity College, Dublin; Tom Nettles and Greg Wills of SBTS; Greg Thornbury of Union University; and Gerald Priest of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. Also, as a way of remembering the quatercentenary of the baptism of John Smyth, we hope to have as part of the conference a paper or two on John Smyth, his piety, and the General Baptists. This will be on the evening of August 25, when it can function as a stand-alone lecture or be taken as part of the conference.

Next year is also the sesquicentennial of the Seminary and so it will be a great time to be on campus.

We have a limited number of spaces (between a dozen and sixteen) available for the parallel sessions which should be 30 minutes or so in length. Potential speakers need to e-mail the Center ( ) with a title and brief outline of their proposal as well as a brief resume before October 31, 2008. The topic of these papers must fall within the theme of the conference, namely, "Baptist spirituality." Submission of the proposal does not guarantee acceptance. The schedule of the parallel sessions will be posted within two weeks of this deadline.

And while you are thinking of this, check out on this website the upcoming conference on "The English Particular Baptists of the 17th century" which we trust will be a fabulous time of learning, challenge and fellowship. It will be held this August, on the 25th and 26th.