Samuel Pearce on humility

It is simply wrong to think that we as Evangelicals are great on how to enter into the Christian life but when it comes to sanctification we have no spiritual heritage to speak of and that we have to go to Roman Catholic writings to find wisdom. Here is a good example of a perennial Baptist concern for humility. In a letter that Samuel Pearce wrote to John Ryland, Jr. on October 8, 1798, he told his close friend of a sermon that he had just heard:

Cooper from London is here. I heard part of a sermon last night from him, after our service was over, which I should have very much liked if the fly of Egotism had not spoiled the ointment, e.g. "I have found that my preaching has been blessed when I etc."

Pearce then added, “O what a lovely garment is humility! May the Lord clothe [us] with it from head to foot."