Guidance re buying Puritan books

John Owen is a marvelous entry into Puritanism. He has been rightly described as the Calvin of the Puritan authors. His writing style is prolix and a little verbose, but he is superb in terms of his penetrating and exhaustive treatment of an issue. Buy some of his Works if you can; they are printed by the Banner of Truth. Volume 6 on the believer’s struggle against sin is a good place to begin. Richard Baxter is also good, but only with regard to his practical works. His theology was a mish-mash (my words, but J. I. Packer's sentiments). Stay away from his theological works proper. But his practical stuff—e.g. The Reformed Pastor and The Saints’ Everlasting Rest are tops. Other series of Puritan works: Richard Sibbes, an early Puritan, is also superb. His works are published by the Banner of Truth. Thomas Goodwin is also excellent, especially on the Spirit. Two late Puritans are also highly recommended : John Howe, one of my favourite authors, and Matthew Henry—get his commentary, the first complete commentary on the entire Bible by an English author. Get the full edition of this commentary, not an abbreviation. Finally, John Bunyan is a must—any of his works. With regard to individual books there is Isaac Ambrose, Looking Unto Jesus—superb. And Thomas Wilcox, Honey out of the Rock. I have begun to read a little of David Dickson, who is not bad. Samuel Rutherford’s Letters are also a must—absolute gold. I.D.E. Thomas, A Puritan Golden Treasury is also worth possessing. It is published by the Banner of Truth, and is a weighty selection of Puritan quotes. Thomas Boston, a late Scottish Puritan author is also good.