A church historian's brief take on The Shack

Tonight I was with a good friend, Scott Dyer (whom I have known since 1982 when he took a class with me on 1 Corinthians, and which I have been teaching at TBS this term on certain Saturdays), and we chatted a little about the recent bestseller The Shack. Scott rightly pointed out how nervey it is to put words in the mouth of our holy Lord--and such words too! When one thinks of recent reading material in Evangelical circles it makes anyone concerned about biblical fidelity and solid theology wince and blush! To think that later generations will judge this day by such wretched theological pablum! Or maybe it and other pieces of literature like it will simply sink into oblivion so that only those church historians who are experts in the theological quirkiness of the early 21st century will know about it. Let's hope so! Another good friend, Dr Stephen Yuille, who blogs at Deus pro nobis (love that Latin!), has written a fine review here of The Shack.