Senator Obama on abortion: a view from the North

I am not an American, but as a Canadian who believes that our nation is intimately tied to the United States--which to my mind makes some of the remarks by the Liberal Party and the NDP in the most recent election about what they would do for the economy simply pie in the sky (thankfully many Canadian voters saw the inadequacy of the Liberals' platform in the most recent election)--I am convinced that the American election should be of deep concern to us and be a matter of real prayer. Here is a disturbing article by Robert George and Yuval Levin that clearly reveals Senator Obama's position on abortion: Obama and Infanticide. As Dr Russell Moore made plain in Thursday's chapel at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, this issue of abortion is the critical issue of our day (see his powerful message, "Joseph of Nazareth Is a Single-Issue Evangelical: The Father of Jesus, the Cries of the Helpless, and Change You Can Believe In" (Matt 2:13-23) ), and Christians must make this the critical factor in voting. Otherwise, how can we condemn the Nazi regime for its murderous brutality?

HT: Justin Taylor.