ETS, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, & Parkside Church

Last week I attended the Evangelical Theological Society annual meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, a beautiful city with a rich Baptist history. The busyness of the meetings, both formal and informal, though prevented me from getting to see the nearby First Baptist Church of America--the beautiful 1775 meeting-house--and Brown University. I did see the church in the shuttle taking me to the airport last Thursday and am thankful for the saints of James Manning's day who built this house of prayer and worship. This past weekend, my son Nigel and I and a close friend, Stephen Swallow, and his two sons, Peter and Ben, went to Cleveland to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Had three hours at the museum--especially interesting were the various written memorabilia, like the report card of John Lennon at twelve years of age in 1953 (the year I was born) or letters relating to Jim Morrison of the Doors. It was fascinating to read a report from Jim Morrison's Sunday School Superintendent (also written in 1953), after Jim had given a fine Sunday Scool recitation. How different was his end from his beginning! A good reminder of the necessity of finishing well.

Afterwards we stayed in a Marriott hotel and then this morning attended the third worship service at Parkside Church. Alistair Begg preached an excellent word from Isaiah 45 and Acts 17.

All in all a delightful weekend.