Free Thomas Chalmers Offer

Michael Ives is making a great offer on his blog:  West Port Experiment".  He is offering a chance to win a free copy of John Mackay’s Thomas Chalmers: A Short Appreciation. For more information see below:

One main purpose of this blog is to  facilitate renewed interest in Thomas Chalmers, the great 19th century Scottish preacher, churchman, and social reformer.  I am convinced that he needs to be rediscovered again, A Short Appreciationespecially in the place of his spiritual birth - the Reformed community.

As a small contribution to getting the word out, I’ve decided to make a special offer.  I am going to give away 5 copies of W.M. Mackay’s Thomas Chalmers: A Short Appreciation randomly to church leaders or those preparing for the ministry.  For the next two weeks, from today until January 21, anyone who would like to get a free copy can enter the drawing by e-mailing me ( with your name & e-mail address.  If you are selected, I’ll let you know on Jan. 22 and will then request your mailing address.

If you aren’t a church leader, feel free to check back in a week.  If I don’t get many responses, I’ll open it up to anyone.

Posted by Steve Weaver, Research and Administrative Assistant to the Director of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies, Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin.