"Stupid security and dissipation"

One of my monthly delights is to receive the monthly newsletter of The John Newton Project (www.johnnewton.org) edited by Marylynn Rouse. In the latest she has this quote, it could be describing our day to a tee: John Newton in a letter to William Wilberforce on March 19, 1795 noted: “My heart is pained by the prevalence of sin and misery, and the evidences of God’s displeasure, against a nation that has long enjoyed and long abused, more light, liberty and prosperity, than was ever vouchsafed to any people upon the face of the earth. And even now that his hand is so awfully lifted up, they will not see. Stupid security, and dissipation prevail everywhere.”

120 years ago, roughly 75% of people in Ontario sat under an evangelical ministry. What is it today? 7%? Are we not in the same situation of the inhabitants of 18th century England?