A new malady: "le Calvinite"

There is undoubtedly a rash of conferences on John Calvin this year (we had our own one at Southern in April), as it is the quincentenary of his birth. The eminent French evangelical theologian and historian Sébastien Fath has noted that there is a term for this passionate interest in Calvin: “Calvinite,” which he identifies as a masculine noun in French and of which the definition runs as follows: “maladie commémorative focalisé sur tout ce qui touche à Jean Calvin. Pic épidémiologique en 2009.”

Well, there is no doubt that 2009 is the crucial year for this "illness"! Though, what a joyous illness it is!

See post here.

But how to translate the word into English? Any suggestions? Calvinomania?

HT: Jeff Walters