Ministering in Québec

I have returned from a long week (nine days in total) away from home with ministry and teaching as far afield as Florida, Southern in Kentucky (classes ended this past week), and Sherbrooke in Québec. Not surprisingly, I was tired when I flew into Montréal last Friday. But oh what refreshment time among the French Baptist brethren proved. I never spend time with my French brothers (this time, especially with Stéphane Gagné and François Deschamps—two very dear brothers and good friends) without coming away refreshed, humbled, challenged, and thankful for the wonder-working grace of God among these brothers and sisters. The Lord is doing a great work in la belle province—unnoticed by much of the Anglophone Evangelical world (this should not surprise, for that world has largely forgotten—Calvin excepted—the great French Evangelical heritage). And this English-speaking Christian wants to go on record that I am deeply in the debt of these French-speaking Christian heirs of Calvin. Some of the happiest hours as a Christian I have spent among these believers. One of them, Jacques Alexanian, a key figure among the pioneers of the present work in Québec, I consider and honour as a father in Christ. Others of them are among my closest friends. Yet others have touched me deeply by their zeal, their worship and love for Christ and his kingdom. May God continue to bless these churches for the glory of his Son, the Lord Jesus.