The ordination of Stéphane Gagné & the calling to be a "servant of the Word"

This Wednesday my dear friend and brother Stéphane Gagné will be formally examined with regard to his ordination as a “servant of the Word,” to use the Lukan terminology. Those of you who pray for the Francophone world, do remember this brother at this important time in his life.

What a weight there is, though, to such a calling. All Christians have a calling, but not all have such a weighty calling. Who is sufficient to preach the gospel? Among those called to this service, none, not one. And even when we are conscious of our need of God’s help by the Spirit to fulfill this calling and rely upon the blessed Spirit of Jesus, what insufficiency marks our discourse!

But we are in good company: the Apostle Paul himself knew such weakness. As did God’s servants down through the years. And we can derive this comfort from the witness of the past: God enabled them, weak though they were, and his arm of strength is still mighty.