Arthur Henry Kirkby's thesis on Andrew Fuller

This past week I received in the mail from a friend, Dr Curt Daniel, a copy of Arthur Henry Kirkby’s 1956 PhD thesis, “The Theology of Andrew Fuller and its Relation to Calvinism” (University of Edinburgh). Of course, I had heard of this thesis but never seen it. The impression I had been given of it was that the work was second-rate. I probably derived this impression from the articles of E.F. Clipsham, “Andrew Fuller and Fullerism: A Study in Evangelical Calvinism.” The Baptist Quarterly 20 (1963-64).


But let me go on record and say that the work is excellent and well executed. Have read to page 143 or so and Kirkby ably sustains his argument that Fuller was a Calvinist of the stamp of the great Reformer. I would not follow Kirkby in his depreciation of the influence of Edwards on Fuller, but am so glad to have this work.


I am deeply in your debt, Curt. Thank you.