The Dead Sea Scrolls at Toronto's ROM

What to say about the DSS at the ROM (Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum)?


Fabulous to see these remnants of a bygone piety, for that is what they are. A longing for community purity and Messiah. The display was well done, very professional. Not biased against biblical faith. I felt that biblical faith was taken seriously. The historical intro was comprehensive and gave you the setting for the DSS as well as the scholarly disagreement over the DSS: their meaning and provenance. Very helpful in that regard.


But I missed a full scroll of the DSS. What was on display were fragments. It also could have been very helpful to have an audio guide. Considering what we paid (28 dollars entry fee for adults with another five paid for a guidebook) I think a little more could have been provided. Also at the end were a collection of holy texts: the Torah, the Bible (plus NT) and the Quran. I was honestly not sure what Islam had to do with the DSS. Another example of PC run amok IMO.


There is a second installment coming in October and will probably see that if I can (it claims to have the oldest copy of the 10 commandments).