A tremendous sermon by Kirk Wellum

Tonight my wife and I had the privilege to hear Kirk Wellum preach on Daniel 6 at our home church. It has to have been one of the finest sermons I ever heard. There was a clear outline of the passage: the nefarious attempt by the Persian satraps due to jealousy to make Daniel’s “faith and spirituality a political liability”; the passing of the law restricting worship to the King; Daniel’s disobedience to the law out of reverence for God; the miraculous deliverance of the servant of the Lord; the judgment of the wicked; the praise by Darius of the Lordship of Daniel’s God.

Near the end of the sermon, Kirk made a link between Daniel emerging from the lion’s den with our Lord emerging from the tomb. Honestly, the link was something I had never seen before. I saw where he was going just before he got there. Wow! I inwardly exclaimed, this is tremendous.

How important to preach not only within the context, but also canonically! Daniel 6 speaks of the reign of Messiah and God's sovereignty in history.

What a privilege to sit under such Spirit-anointed preaching.