My top twelve needed dissertations in the Greek Fathers

I was recently asked regarding what I saw as the top ten dissertations needed for the Greek Fathers. Well, here are twelve:


1. The theology of the Letter to Diognetus.


2. Trinitarian theology and biblical exegesis from Ignatius to Origen


3. The piety of the Odes of Solomon.


4. Slavery in the thought of the Cappadocian Fathers.


5. The relationship of Athanasius to Marcellus of Ancyra and Apollinarius.


6. The exegesis of the pastoral epistles in the Cappadocians.


7. The canon in the fourth-century Greek Fathers.


8. The exegetical basis for the Eucharistic theology of the Greek fathers in the fourth century.


9. The pneumatology of Irenaeus of Lyons.


10. The pneumatology of Theodore of Mopsuestia.


11. Prayer in the second- and third-century Greek Fathers.



12. Prayer in the fourth-century Greek Fathers.