The influence of the Banner of Truth on my life: a glimpse

In November of 1982 I submitted a book review of Ernest F. Kevan’s The Lord’s Supper for possible inclusion in an issue of The Banner of Truth magazine. It was one of the first book reviews I ever had published. The following February, 1983, the Banner of Truth Trust sent to me, on the recommendation of Iain H. Murray, his first volume of the biography of D.M. Lloyd-Jones.


What an exchange! A book review for such a book! I was moving in the direction of Reformed teaching—due to the reading of Arnold Dallimore’s two-vol. biography of George Whitefield and Banner books sent to me by Stanley Berry from Scotland (my wife’s uncle). But this first vol. of Lloyd-Jones’ life cemented my move in the Reformed direction. My whole world was turned upside down. May God be praised for his providences.