Scripture and sex

We live in a culture that deems sexuality/gender issues as of the absolute first importance and as a result the church is having to wrestle with these issues in ways that our forebears never had to. Of these issues probably the two key ones are abortion and the issue of homosexuality. With regard to the latter, I heartily commend the recent post by Dr. Mohler on the recent brouhaha about the election of a second openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church USA: ( As Dr. Mohler concludes: "When truth is at stake, denominational etiquette is no basis for courageous leadership." Read the whole thing. It is also important to affirm in this debate that Holy Scripture is more than sufficient for what we need to say. While sociology, culture studies, and history can help enormously in untangling these issues, Scripture has to be our final authority. And I firmly believe that it is not ambiguous.