Dying with Christ like Isaac

All who follow the Lord Jesus will experience the pain of the cross.

Our baptism as believers speaks of this, does it not? Crucified with Christ. No cause ever for Baptists to be triumphalistic. The only triumph is being crucified with Christ and it hurts!

We will know the pain of rejection and of laughter as we plead with sinners to repent and believe. These are stabs to the vitals, especially when those we plead with are loved ones.

Blessed is the church that knows how to comfort those suffering for Jesus’ sake: places where discipleship is really understood.

But sometimes, I fear, our churches are adept at turning a blind eye than a helping hand. We, like the rest of humanity, really do not want to suffer. And we have no desire to suffer with others. Or no idea of what to say.

This too is being crucified with Christ: realizing how powerless we really are. Where is free will and human power now? This is the crux of the matter: we cannot die with Christ—the Spirit of the Crucified Christ must take us to the cross.

May we go like Isaac: in wonder and awe and come away with reverent fear.