New Book by Dr. Haykin: The Empire of the Holy Spirit

Dr. Haykin's newest release, The Empire of the Holy Spirit, is soon to be released from Borderstone Press.  This book can be ordered directly from the publisher by contacting Roger Duke at Combining both keen historical reflection and rich biblical insight, Michael Haykin has pulled from his expertise in both church history and biblical spirituality in the writing of this volume. The book has already received high praise from several individuals who have endorsed the book.  Dr. Russell Moore, Dean of the School of Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, writes:

Michael Haykin's The Empire of the Holy Spirit is not just a book about the Holy Spirit.  This is a book written, obviously, by one who knows the Person (not just the topic) of which he writes.

This book will prompt you to think.  You'll want to scratch down notes, and talk about insights over coffee with friends.  But, more than that, this book will prompt you to get on your knees, through the Spirit of God, and cry out "Abba Father!"

Dr. Donald Whitney, author of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, has also endorsed the book:

Besides Michael Haykin, few people, to my knowledge, could have written such a book as this with the same credibility.

The richness of the combination of history, theology, spirituality, and practicality in this volume could come only from someone who has the expertise of a professor of church history and spirituality, the insight of a biblical scholar, the wisdom of an experienced church elder, and the authenticity of a sincere personal piety.

Dr. Joel Beeke, President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, has written:

Haykin's Empire of the Spirit covers a rich cluster of subjects on the Holy Spirit from various biblical, historical, and theological perspectives.  Whether speaking about the Spirit's role in sanctification, in revival, in the Great Commission, in the exercise of genuine success, or in promoting Christian unity, Haykin's thoughts, tethered to Scripture, offer an exciting read.

This book needs to be pondered over and yet it is a page-turner.  I pray that it may promote a deepening interest in and appreciation for the Spirit's indispensable, variegated ministry in the lives of believers.

Other endorsers include Dr. Steven Lawson, Dr. Carl Trueman, and several others.  I will post some of their endorsements in future posts.

If you would like to listen to the author's own thoughts on the book, you can download this podcast in which I interview Dr. Haykin about his most recent book.

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Posted by Steve Weaver, Research and Administrative Assistant to the Director of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies, Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin.