Human cultural artifacts and the Empire of the Holy Spirit

"The wise of the world, Aristotle or Plato or Socrates, who were skilled in knowledge, were like great cities, but they were laid waste by the enemies because the Spirit of God was not in them" (Macarius-Symeon, Homily 42.1). This is an astute remark that raises all kinds of questions about the experience of common grace and how Christians relate to culture. I take it as a given that an acultural Christianity is a non-entity. To be involved in the work of saving sinners, Christians must impant themselves in a culture. But what is the value of that culture? Left to itself, I can readily affirm with Macarius-Symeon that any culture will perish. But if indwelt by the Spirit, ah, there is the question? What will be its end result?

Let me make my beliefs plain: I look forward to that day when all that is best and good and true in the kingdoms of this world will be transformed into the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus and become the Empire of the Holy Spirit.