Sarah Gibbard Cook's doctoral thesis on John Owen

I have been reading Sarah Gibbard Cook's doctoral thesis, "A Political Biography of a Religious Independent John Owen, 1616-83" (Unpubished PhD thesis, Harvard University, 1972). It really is very well written and filled a notable gap at the time, namely a substantial biography of Owen from the point of view of his politics. Peter Toon's biography of Owen was about to be published when Cook was writing and she references his unpublished manuscript. But, believe it or not, I am finding Cook a much better read than Toon, except in one particular, namely Toon's attention to theology, which Cook does not touch unless it bears on her examination of Owen's political views. We need a good biography of Owen that takes into account all of the recent research by such Owen experts as Trueman and the major amounts of work done on the era in which he lived.