New Feature on AFC Site: "A few acres of snow"

Dr. Haykin has decided to add a new feature to this page.  It will be called "A few acres of snow."  The title of this new feature comes from Voltaire's evaluation of Canada as “a few acres of snow." This new feature can be accessed by clicking on the title in the left sidebar.  The most recent posting will be visible underneath the heading "A few acres of snow."

This new page will allow Dr. Haykin the opportunity to reflect as a Canadian Christian on his nation’s history. It is hoped that this feature will benefit Canadians and American readers of this site to learn more about Canada's rich history and serve as a means of stimulating prayer for the nation.  To read more about Dr. Haykin's desires for this endeavor, please visit the main page of "A few acres of snow." From there you will be able to access all the posts in this series by the list on the right sidebar of that page.  The first post is already up, Claire Welch's Ontario.  Please check this site often for updates to this page, and . . . Enjoy!