A word to the wise from the Ancient Greeks for the use of our social media

The description of Facebook and Twitter as social media is somewhat deceptive. Do they get people in touch? Oh yes, and sometimes long lost buddies re-connect, which is for the good. But, as vehicles of significant social interaction, do they qualify as social media? Not really. Some people seem to think they do and they use them to air all kinds of things best left unsaid in even as liquid a medium as the digital. Simply put: Facebook is not the place for some of the rant and rave that I have seen. In the final analysis, there is nothing like the face to face discussion. Maybe Plato and the Greeks were not all wrong in their complaints about the written word in the social medium of their day--the letter and the book: it is a dead word, cannot speak, cannot respond, can never serve in the stead of the spoken word. Of course, as a Christian who lives on the the written Word of God, I do not buy this. But the point they are making does seem to fit our day's social media: they appear to be responsive, but in reality they do not meet the heart's needs for love and companionship.