Andrew Fuller's three examples of a pious, learned ministry

“A Pearce, a Francis, or a Beddome”: I find it very instructive that when Andrew Fuller thought of the combination of theological learning and spirituality—what he called “personal religion”—three names came to mind: Samuel Pearce (1766–99), Benjamin Francis (1734–99), and Benjamin Beddome (1717–1795), from three different generations of Particular Baptists in the eighteenth century (The Young Minister exhorted to make full proof of his Ministry in The Complete Works of the Rev. Andrew Fuller [Repr. Harrisonburg, Virginia: Sprinkle Publications, 1988], I, 520). This fall I have the unspeakable privilege of teaching a PhD course on Benjamin Beddome’s life, thought, and ministry: please pray that those who take it will learn the lesson Fuller found in his life—the blessing that personal holiness gives to a learned ministry.