Trinity Sunday & Fathers Day, 2011

Today is Trinity Sunday and I am amazed that gospel-centred Christians are more ga-ga over the feast-day of a secular culture—it also happens to be Fathers’ Day today—rather than a key Christian feast. If we are going to celebrate days (and I know that there is no Scriptural injunction here) would it not be best to remember Pentecost & Trinity Sunday, along with Christmas & Easter instead of the schmaltziness of Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day?

I think the Puritans would be amazed at the doings of their descendants: the latter following many of the former in the junking of special days like Pentecost and Trinity Sunday, but instead following the lead of their culture and doing all sorts of things to celebrate mums and dads even to the point of centring their preaching on mothers and fathers. To be sure, even the Puritans were not always consistent: they had their Guy Fawkes Day (Nov 5)! But all things in their proper place.