"Spotty spirituality"

Today, I was able to spend some time at the University of British Columbia campus with my wife and daughter—and no surprise, bookstores occupied much of the day: the UBC bookstore where my daughter found a goldmine of Loeb classics, and Regent College Bookstore, which is an absolutely awesome place. I found a new book on William Wilberforce and his wife Barbara Spooner by Anne Stott, and also a fresh translation of Athanasius’ letters to Serapion and Didymus the Blind’s On the Holy Spirit. I also picked up the latest Crux magazine that has an article on A. Fuller by Keith Grant. I also picked up The Regent World, 24, no.1 (Winter 2012),where, on p.6, in an advertisement for a pastors’ conference entitled “Overflow—Spiritual Rhythms and Practices that Draw from Christ’s Fullness” (featuring Bruce Himdmarsh, Darrell Johnson and Susan Phillips), mention is made of pastors, due to demands on their time, being reduced “to a spotty spirituality and to sporadic fullness.” The phrase “spotty spirituality” is “spot-on” as a way of describing a leading affliction of Christian leadership in our day. Hopefully, what we are also doing at Southern in our programs on biblical spirituality will help diminish this affliction.