Coming Soon from Dr. Haykin: Travel With Jonathan Edwards

Coming soon from Dr. Haykin and DayOne Publications is Travel With Jonathan Edwards. This is another in a series of very helpful travel guides related to important figures in church history published by DayOne. Written with Ron Baines, the book will not only include a biographical sketch of Edwards, but it will also include maps, directions, and color photos of many important Edwards' sites. From the Publisher:

In a world wracked by the clash of European powers, Jonathan Edwards, one of the most extraordinary theologian-pastors in the history of Christianity, sought to express by means of the spoken word and printed text his vision of the glory of God, sovereign over this world’s empires, and its practical implications for humanity. The pursuit of this calling was an instrumental factor in the revivals that reshaped the American spiritual landscape. Throughout all the changes of his life was his beautiful relationship with his wife Sarah, a model of Puritan marital piety and the hidden spring of much of his usefulness as a preacher and theologian.

Posted by Steve Weaver, Research Assistant to the Director of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies, Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin.