Historiae ecclesiasticae collecta: a weekly roundup of blogs, articles, books, and more

By Dustin Bruce


  1. Thomas Kidd expounds on “George Marsden and the Gift of Clear Writing” over at the Anxious Bench. Speaking of Kidd, don’t miss the Gheens Lectures at Southern Seminary where he will be lecturing on “Faith and Politics: From the Great Awakening to the American Revolution.”
  2. The American Historical Association has recently expanded their Online Directory of History Dissertations, a collection that now includes over 49,000 works.
  3. At The Confessing Baptist, Graham Benyon writes on “The Rise and Development of the English Baptists.”
  4. Also at The Confessing Baptist, check out the first volume in the Journal of the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies.
  5. Justin Taylor highlighted “God’s Lion in London: Charles Spurgeon and the Challenge of the Modern Age,” Albert Mohler’s recent lecture given at the Nicole Institute for Baptist Studies at RTS.
  6. Over at Comment, the Cardus blog, Joan Lockwood O’Donovan reviews Alan Jacobs new work, The Book of Common Prayer: A Biography.
  7. Ryan Nelson discusses “Simple Language for Simple Truth: The Legacy of J.A. Broadus” on logostalk, where you can find a special on Broadus’ writings for Logos.
  8. On Christianity Today’s Hermeneutics blog, Karen Swallow Prior posts on Hannah More in “The Most Influential Reformer You’ve Never Heard Of.”

Recent Book Releases

  1. Basil of Caesarea (Foundations of Theological Exegesis and Christian Spirituality) by Stephen M. Hildebrand. Baker. $26.99.
  2. The Evangelical Origins of the Living Constitution by John W. Compton. Harvard University Press. $45.00.
  3. A Companion to Global Historical Thought by Prasenjit Duara, Viren Mirthy, and Andrew Satori. Wiley Blackwell. $195.00.
  4. God, Locke, and Liberty: The Struggle for Religious Freedom in the West by Joseph Loconte. Lexington Books. $95.00.
  5. Christian Theology: The Classics edited by Stephen R. Holmes and Shawn Bawulski. Routledge. $26.95

From the Fuller Center

  1. Joe Harrod pointed to Samuel Davies' thoughts on reading Scripture.
  2. Steve Weaver posted on "Reclaiming St. Patrick's Day."
  3. Steve Weaver introduces readers to the ministry of Evan Burns.
  4. Speaking of Evan, he draws from Martin Lloyd-Jones in “Reading from the Long 18th Century.”

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Dustin Bruce lives in Louisville, KY where he is pursuing a PhD in Biblical Spirituality at Southern Seminary. He is a graduate of Auburn University and Southwestern Seminary. Dustin and his wife, Whitney, originally hail from Alabama.