Historiae ecclesiasticae collecta: a weekly roundup of blogs, articles, books, and more

By Dustin Bruce


  1. Over at First Things, check out Stephen Webb’s review of Heavenly Participation: The Weaving of a Sacramental Tapestry by Hans Boersma.
  2. Readthefathers.org has a series of Holy Week readings taken from the Church Fathers. Check out their first post, “Lectures for Holy Week: The Procatachesis of Cyril of Jerusalem.”
  3. At ChurchHistory.org, Thomas Kidd writes “Jefferson Versus the Historians, or Barton Versus the Historians? Thomas Kidd Responds to Arthur Sherr.”
  4. On The Christian Century blog, James Bratt reviews Daryl’s Hart Calvinism: A History.
  5. Over at The Anxious Bench, John Turner ties together recent events with early Christian history in “The Passions of Perpetua and Frans van der Lugt.”
  6. Also at The Anxious Bench, check out Thomas Albert Howard’s post, “That’s So Dys-Evangelical.”
  7. On NT Exegesis, Brian Renshaw posts a “Maundy Thursday – A Reflection from Augustine.”
  8. John Fea, on The Way of Improvement Leads Home, has a video from a recent OAH panel discussion addressing the question “Is Blogging Scholarship?

Recent Book Releases

  1. Bryan Loritts, ed., Letters to a Birmingham Jail: A Response to the Words and Dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Moody.
  2. Sarah Rolfe Prodan, Michelangelo’s Christian Mysticism: Sprituality, Poetry, and Art in Sixteenth-Century Italy. Cambridge.
  3. St. Epiphanius of Cyrpus, Ancoratus (Fathers of the Church). The Catholic University of America Press.
  4. Stephen Cox, American Christianity: The Continuing Revolution. University of Texas Press.
  5. Richard Allen, David Jones, and Trystan Hughes, The Religious History of Wales. Welsh Academic Press.

From the Fuller Center

  1. Contributor Evan Burns discusses a Fuller sermon in “The Children of the Resurrection.”
  2. Ryan Hoselton posts on “William Ames’ Holy Logic.”
  3. Michael Haykin highlights “An excellent comment by Andrew Atherstone on reading history.”
  4. Also on the blog, Michael Haykin posts a reflection on the recent passing of Dr. Rowan Greer.

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Dustin Bruce lives in Louisville, KY where he is pursuing a PhD in Biblical Spirituality at Southern Seminary. He is a graduate of Auburn University and Southwestern Seminary. Dustin and his wife, Whitney, originally hail from Alabama.